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love yourself first

~ Lucille Ball

Karin Helen was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba to a loving family and has been blessed with one daughter who has grown into a beautiful young woman with a very caring spirit.

Karin's skill set as a Spiritual Medium & Psychic has developed throughout the years. It started with many dreams and premonitions. To gain a better understanding, Karin allowed herself the permission to trust and accept her intuition as guidance.

The strength Karin Helen draws from her faith provides her with the ability to make a deep spiritual connection during readings.

Karin welcomes the opportunity to share this gift with others.

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Karin's very caring and her positive energy was undeniable, she made me very comfortable before we started. She's calming, welcoming and has great enthusiasm. Karin provided me with a lot of constructive feedback on my current life position and how I can improve in certain aspects, recommending certain oils and stones that have helped a lot! She gave me a lot of light for my life and future. I will definitely be going back again.


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